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Things you can't miss if you're in Riga, Latvia.

As someone who loves studying other cultures, it’s safe to say I do a fair amount of travelling whenever I get change. In fact, I am leaving for Italy on Monday morning!


Travelling is very much a passion of mine and so I wanted to create some blog posts that are more travel related rather than just focussing constantly on languages. For my first travel post, I wanted to share some of my recommendations for Riga, Latvia; a European gem tucked away in the Baltics.


🛏️ Stay in Riga Old Town

If you are looking for magical views, great restaurants, historical sites, and a lively atmosphere, then try looking for accommodation in Riga Old Town. My friend and I rented a top-floor apartment near to the Dome Square in Old Town Riga and safe to say, it did not disappoint. It was extremely easy to get to anything and everything from here, and more importantly, everything was within walking distance. You’ll definitely manage to get your steps in if you visit this city.

🏛️ Visit the House of the Black Heads

If you type Riga, Latvia into google, Instagram, TikTok or any other platform, one of the first images you will come across is the House of the Black Heads. It was originally built in 1334 to function as a warehouse; it has since then been bombed, changed functions, and now operates as an event centre and museum. It’s definitely a must see if you ever find yourself in Riga.

🏛️ Go to the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia

Whether you’re a history buff or not, the Museum of the Occupation of Latvia is an absolute must during your stay. Located right next to the House of the Black Heads, this museum offers a dive into the country’s past, exploring the events and results of Soviet and Nazi occupation. It was perhaps one of the best museums I have ever visited, and if you’re into history like me, you could spend hours upon hours in there!

🥘 Eat at the Indian Raja

It may sound crazy, but the best curry I have ever eaten was in Latvia. If you’re looking for a cheap, yet great evening meal on your trip, why not try the Indian Raja. It is located right next to an Irish sports bar, with many more exiting places within minutes of the restaurant. The food at this restaurant was absolutely fantastic, the staff were brilliant, and the meal (drinks included) only set us back about €40/€50 total.


🥬 Wander around the Riga Central Market

We stumbled across the central market in Riga purely by accident. We wanted to explore what Riga had to offer outside of the touristy old town and we happed across the Rīgas Centrāltirgus (Riga Central Market) and it was a wonderful little find.

We explored all of the fresh fruit, vegetable, and meat stands, and then we enjoyed a very cheap, large beer in the designated beer and food hall that can be found in the middle of the market.


🏛️ Visit the Freedom Monument

The Freedom Monument is a monument dedicated to fallen soldiers during the Latvian War for Independence (1918-1920). It is located on Freedom Boulevard, minutes away from Riga Old Town and, for those who have already visited Berlin, it resembles Unter den Linden and the Brandenburg Gate to an extent. Located on the City Canal, the Freedom Monument is the perfect location for a morning stroll with a coffee.

I can personally attest to the fact that this is made even better when it a snowstorm starts mid walk!

🍝 Eat at Sal e Pepe, a family run Italian restaurant hidden away in Riga old town.

Back on the topic of food, Sal e Pepe is a small, family run Italian restaurant tucked away down a small street called Gleznot āju iela. I often find that the best restaurants and cafes are off of the beaten track, hidden for those select few to find. Also, Italian food is always a good shout for a holiday meal, you can’t go wrong, and the food at Sal e Pepe will have you coming back every day!


There are so many more things that Riga has to offer, so you absolutely have to add this city onto your 2024 travel plans… you will not regret it.

I hope you enjoyed this more travel focussed post. I'd like to write some more in the future!

Until next time | hasta la próxima | alla prossima | bis zum nächsten Mal 👋🏻





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