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What to do in Naples

If you’re thinking about visiting Naples in 2024 then this blog post is for you. Having just got back from a week there, I am going to give you 6 things that you absolutely MUST add to your list.


Eat REAL pizza:

Naples is the home of pizza and trust me when I say that the pizzas you eat in Naples are second to none! Veramente buonisimo (absolutely brilliant).


Visit Pompeii:

Naples is roughly a 45–60-minute train journey from the historic city of Pompeii. Taking the Circumvesuviana line directly from Naples city centre to Pompeii costs less than €5 and is absolutely worth a day in your itinerary. My friends and I spent hours wandering around the ruins of the city, exploring the amphitheatres, villas, gymnasiums, and the fantastic plazas.

Walk up to the crateer of Mount Vesuvius:

After you’ve wandered around the ruins of Pompeii, why not take a trip up Mount Vesuvius to finish off the day? You can get a bus from Pompeii to most of the way up Vesuvius. These busses run roughly every hour and only take about 50 minutes to get there. The views at the top are absolutely amazing too, with panoramic views of the Gulf of Naples (Golfo di Napoli), Naples itself Sorrento and even the Isle of Capri in the distance.


Get lost in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples:

Most of the artifacts you will see in Pompeii itself are in fact replicas. The real artifacts have been moved to the National Archaeological Museum for preservation reasons. If you are interested in ancient history, this is an absolute must on your holiday to do list. With multiple exhibitions and 3 floors, you can spend hours walking around exploring history. There really is something for everyone in there. Not to mention, the architecture of the museum itself is absolutely spectacular.


Take a pasta / pizza making class at Mammina:

If you’re planning on spending your holiday eating copious amounts of pizza and pasta, why not try taking a class and learning how to make the real deal yourself! My friends and I booked a class together for the morning of valentine’s day. We went to a restraint called Mammina and spent two hours being taught how to make ravioli and fettucine by real Italian chefs. The best part, the chefs then took the pasta we made and turned it into lunch for us! All in all, a great 2 hours, and all of it cost roughly €30 per person!


Take a day trip to Sorrento:

Just over an hour on the train and you’ll find yourself in one of the most scenic, beautiful towns in Italy. Sorrento boasts beautiful sea views, vibrant orange trees, fantastic restaurants and lovely small streets filled with local markets. Sorrento was our last trip of the holiday, and it did NOT disappoint. We took a stroll through the town and took in the sea views, before finding a lovely little restaurant to enjoy some fantastic food and watching a firework display.


There are so many other amazing things to do, see, and eat in Naples, these were just a few of my top recommendations so definitely do some research before you visit. Either way, if Naples wasn’t on your 2024 travel list, then I hope it is now! 🇮🇹


Until next time | hasta la próxima | alla prossima | bis zum nächsten Mal 👋🏻


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